Free Travel Insurance with Credit Cards or Bank Accounts

  1. alex
  2. February 8, 2013 12:07 am

Free Travel Insurance with Credit Cards or Bank Accounts

Planning a trip abroad is quite an exciting time in most peoples annual calendar and these days more and more of us are doing all the arrangements online with a type of DIY approach.

No longer do we feel compelled to pay a visit to our local travel agent and wait our turn to sit and chat with our local travel rep who in most cases greet you with a smile and make sure that all is in order for your journey before you exist the building.

Technology now allows us to do everything online when it comes to booking a trip, well, perhaps without the travel reps smile. However, our DIY approach -sometimes across different websites – often allows us to overlook something until the last minute and one item that tend to be put on the backburner, is travel insurance.

We all know we need it but we don’t focus on it as much as the essential things like booking a flight or accommodation. We also have an issue with justifying the cost but one way around this is to seek out free travel insurance.

One source of free travel insurance is your bank or credit card companies. Some bank accounts and credit card accounts have free travel insurance built in. These are often the ones that charge a monthly fee for having the account.

So before you purchase travel insurance for your next trip, give your bank or credit card company a call and see if you are already covered, and it could be one less thing to worry about.