Where is St. Albans

  • Where is St. Albans
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    st albans

    St Albans is a city located just over 20 miles outside of London in the county of Hertfordshire. The city is rich in Medieval and Roman history and as such it is a very good place to visit for a glimpse into Britain’s past.

    The city’s Verulamium museum house beautiful objects from the city’s historic past, including superb mosaics and re-created Roman rooms giving the visitor an opportunity to discover the life and times of a major Roman city.

    Just a short walk from Verulamium Museum is a Roman Theatre, the only visible example in Britain. The theatre’s fine acoustics were perfectly suited to musical and dramatic performances. Close by are the foundations of a Roman town house, a secret shrine and a row of Roman shops.

    See many other aspects of St Albans and what else the city has to offer visitors in this video:

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    St Albans, Hertfordshire AL3

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