Where is Curitiba?

  • Where is Curitiba?
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    Curitiba is the capital of the province of Paraná located in the south of Brazil. It is a large city with a population of around 1.7 million. The city is on the whole very clean, with spacious streets and an excellent public transport system, so getting around to see the main attractions should not be too much of a problem.

    Travellers often forget that parts of Brazil can get very cold because it is a very large country with a diverse climate. In Curitriba the months of June to September are the coldest. So although it might be hot and sticky in other parts of the country, the temperature can get down to freezing in the province of Paraná.

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    The city is in one of the most affluent part of Brazil so green spaces and shopping facilities are plenty in this busy metropolis. Curitiba means ‘here many pine trees’ in the native Tupi language and there are pine trees almost every were you go.

    The city is quite welcoming particularly for European travellers due to its inhabitants being largely from countries in Europe.  Therefore, although Portuguese is the national language of Brazil it is quite common to find German, Italian or even Polish being spoken.

    Where to Visit

    Visit the Tingüi Park located in the north of the city – The Park covers a large area of just under 400,000 square meters, so there is planet of space to explore. It  has lakes, a covered wooden bridge, playground, a bike path and plenty of green area for tourists to enjoy.

    Visit the Jerusalem Fountain – This magnificent structure pays homage to the 3,000 years of Jerusalem. At the top of the fountain there are three bronze angels, representing the three main monotheistic religions in the world: Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

    Visit the Sao Francisco Ruins – The stone Sao Francisco Ruins at Joao Candido Square are the remnants of a structure that was started in the early 1800s but never completed.

    Visit the Natural History Museum – The museum situated  in the Capao da Imbuia Woods and the woods offer an experience of its own. Walk along the Araucarias Path of the Araucaria Forest featuring an elevated pathway stretching for a quarter of a mile.

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    Where to Stay

    What’s The Food Like?

    Events In Curitiba

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