How to get to The Isle Of Man and things to see and do on the Island

  • How to get to The Isle Of Man and things to see and do on the Island
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    The Isle Of Man is located in the Irish sea between Ireland and the UK.  It is a relatively tranquil and pleasant place which was once the place to go for wealthy Victorians who wanted to escape from daily life on the UK mainland. The Island still retain much of its Victorian spender in its architecture but caters for twenty first century visitors very well indeed.

    You can get to the Isle Of Man quite easily by air or sea. The island has direct air links with many airports across the United Kingdom, Ireland and the Channel Islands and most flights will get you to the Island within the hour.

    Travelling by sea is more of an adventure on the fast crafts and conventional ferry services operating from the north of England, Belfast and Dublin.
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    Things to See and do on the Isle Of Man

    Isle Of Man TT Race

    Isle Of Man TT Race is the most popular visitor attraction on the Island. This world famous motorcycle race is held on the Island over a two week period in early June each year.

    The race takes place over a 37-mile Mountain Course with its seemingly never-ending series of bends, bumps, jumps, stone walls, manhole covers and telegraph poles.

    The riders push themselves to the limit homing in their riding skills and concentration levels to stay on the bikes going at speeds approaching 200mph, and, while difficult to learn and even harder to come first, the rewards for winning on the world famous course are like no other.


    Visit Port Erin via the Steam Railway

    Take the short 15mile trip from the island’s capital Douglas to the picturesque town of Port Erin and take in the amazing views on your journey.  The railway line was opened in 1874 and is the longest narrow gauge steam line in Britain today. The town of Port Erin boost the best sandy beach on the Island which is ideal for all the family to play relax and soak up the sun.


    Visit Peel Castle

    Peel Castle is located on the west side of the island and is steeped in Manx history. It is located on St Patrick’s Isle, named because St. Patrick reportedly stepped ashore to bring Christianity to the Isle of Man. In the 10th century and 11th centuries the Vikings began to plunder the Irish Sea and a fort was built here under the direction of King Magnus Barelegs.

    Although the castle is only a ruin now, it is still worth visiting and during the summer months you may be able to attend one of the Shakespeare’s plays that are usually put on for tourist.


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