Where is the Oresund Bridge?

  • Where is the Oresund Bridge?
    May 16, 2013 6:41 pm,1830 Views

    The Oresund Bridge links the town of Malmo in Sweden to Copenhagen in Denmark. The bridge is one of both countries top attractions with visitors coming from across the world to drive across it or to simply take a photo.

    The bridge offers stunning sea views for motorist driving across the 16 Kilometres long link that is unrivalled anywhere else in Europe.

    The Oresund Bridge is one of the biggest infrastructure projects ever undertaken in Europe, combining both road and rail at a cost of an estimated 1 billion dollars. The whole construction is made of a bridge, a tunnel and an artificial island that makes the connection between the two.

    The bridge was opened in 2000, measures 7.8 kilometres, the tunnel is approximate 4.1 kilometres, and an artificial island called Peberholm adds another 4 kilometres. The tunnel is located on the Danish side, while the artificial island supports the transition from the tunnel to the bridge and vice versa.

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